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CareerGuide24 is one of the fastest growing digital presentation platforms around the world for companies. Thousands of qualified enthusiastic students and graduates from all over the world visit our website each month, in order to check out our 212 affiliated companies and find suitable options for their careers. Students then visit the website of your company or get directly in contact with you to apply.

CareerGuide24 combines more than 25 years of online experience with an unremitting passion for designing a unique platform for companies wishing to strengthen their employer brand, whilst attracting and presenting their career opportunities to the largest possible number of qualified candidates around the world and attract them to their compnay.

Your benefits

The ideal environment for your company

Present your career options there where students and graduates are looking for you: In a reliable environment, which highlights the uniqueness of your company.

Measurable, understandable, flexible

Find out what your visitors like and how you grab their attention.

The CareerGuide24 statistics not only shows you how many visitors you have, but also what content is most popular, how active they are, where and how they viewed your content. Find out more than ever, about your visitors.

Advertise nationally or globally

Make use of one of the biggest networks.

CareerGuide24 is designed for candidates to discover - randomly as well as targeted. Because of this, the number of visitors and visit durations on our site are well above average. We provide the tools you need to find promising talents and get them enthusiastic about your company.

Win over the young talents

We ensure that you get the best awareness worldwide.

Your presence on CareerGuide24 works just like your own website. Each individual word in your web presence is indexed in the top search engines, which means visitors from all over the world can find your content on CareerGuide24 easily.

The most efficient contact quality

Our tried-and-tested querying system ensure outstanding matching between students or graduates and your company.

Reach prospective junior talents on all devices.

We live in a mobile world! All available devices are used by your taget group: computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. We guarantee that your company will be found on any device.

Excellent portal

In the category "Human Resources" CareerGuide24 won the IT Innovation Award Initiative Mittelstand as the best IT solution.

Furthermore the platform was awarded the German Enterprise Award for Excellence in Academic Marketing.

Our customers

  • Logo:SachsenEnergie AG
  • Logo:Universit√§tsklinikum M√ľnster
  • Logo:Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH
  • Logo:Jungheinrich Moosburg AG & Co. KG
  • Logo:A.S.I. Wirtschaftsberatung AG
  • Logo:Diamant Software GmbH
  • Logo:FLEXIM GmbH
  • Logo:Hays
  • Logo:Texas Instruments Deutschland GmbH
  • Logo:Allgeier Experts GmbH
  • Logo:mindsquare AG
  • Logo:CURACON GmbH
  • Logo:Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Landesbetrieb Stra√üen, Br√ľcken und Gew√§sser
  • Logo:M√∂ller Medical
  • Logo:Genossenschaftsverband Bayern e. V.
  • Logo:EBP Deutschland GmbH
  • Logo:Randstad Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG
  • Logo:Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen
  • Logo:FALK GmbH & Co KG
  • Logo:BCG Platinion
  • Logo:Michelin Reifenwerke AG & Co. KGaA
  • Logo:Hansgrohe SE
  • Logo:Brenntag GmbH
  • Logo:Deutsche Post DHL Group
  • Logo:Pava Partners
  • Logo:DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH
  • Logo:bofest consult GmbH

"Wir haben seit vielen Jahren eine erfolgreiche Partnerschaft mit CareerGuide24 und sind √§u√üerst zufrieden mit den erzielten Ergebnissen und dem hervorragenden Support. CareerGuide24 unterst√ľtzt uns insbesondere bei unserem Employer Branding und der Gewinnung von talentierten Fachkr√§ften mit tatkr√§ftigem Engagement."

Katrin Köhler
Employer Branding & University Relations, People & Culture
Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH

Our services

Everything you and your target group need for Employer branding.

Basic functions

Our foundation is based on the demands of our customers

  • extreme search engine optimisation (SEO)


Customised content to grab the attention of users.

  • Embedding images and videos
  • Integrated social media links such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Contact details such as: direct contact person, address, phone number, email, etc.
  • Direct link to the homepage of your company
  • Company description
  • Direct links to events, trade fairs etc.
  • Incorporation of all accolades and awards received by your company

Distribution network

In the digital world, it's all about matching the interests of users with the right content

  • Users do not need to log in, in order to use the content on CareerGuide24
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter and all other popular social media sites
  • Local and global distribution of your content

Our price

You only pay for performance.

No clicks = No costs

Monthly base fee 0,00 EUR

One-time setup fee 0,00 EUR

Minimum turnover 0,00 EUR

Minimum contract term 12 Months

Price per Click max. 1,95 EUR

Maximum monthly costs 390 EUR

Of course, we can scale and adapt this pricing model to meet your individual quantitative needs at any time. Please contact us for more information!

Any questions?

  • How high are the monthly fixed costs?

    CareerGuide24 does not charge any fixed costs - there is neither a base monthly fee nor a minimum monthly turnover.

  • Is there a one-time setup fee?

    CareerGuide24 does not charge a one-time setup fee. Registration is completely free and without any obligation. Take a look for yourself!

  • What does price per click mean?

    Price per click means that you only pay 1.95 Euro if a suitable candidate leaves the CareerGuide24 website and goes to your web content, to find out more about the possibilities provided by your company. It couldn’t be fairer.

  • Is there a limit to the monthly costs?

    Yes, our cost airbag limits the monthly costs for your company to a maximum of 390 EUR. That means you pay for a maximum of 200 clicks per month. All the clicks produced beyond that are completely free for you - which means the average price per click is reduced on a continuous basis.

  • How do I register?

    You can start using CareerGuide24 right now - all you need is a CareerGuide24 account, which can be created in a few simple steps.

  • Can I edit my content myself?

    You can edit your content at any time - simply log into your account and start editing.

  • Are any success or cost controls available?

    Yes, in your account you can view a live performance and cost overview at any time, by logging-in.

  • How long do the contracts run?

    The minimum contract period is 12 months and is extended by a further month thereafter, if not cancelled in writing at least one month in advance.

Let's get started

Present your company on CareerGuide24 and attract qualified candidates.

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  • You can get started in just a few minutes

    A few simple steps are all you need to create a CareerGuide24 account. Following this you enter details on your career possibilities and add links to your websites ‚Äď that's it.

  • You maintain control at all times

    You can change your website presence on CareerGuide24 at any time. Furthermore, you can suspend, cancel or restart your online presence at any time ‚Äď quickly and without a charge.

  • Simple optimisation

    Don't worry if not everything is perfect from the very beginning. You can make changes any time and, for example, try out new description texts, keywords or links.

  • Configure account

Free support

  • An outstanding start

    We would be happy to tell you about the basic principles of CareerGuide24 and support you with the creation of a new account and the publication of your career offers ‚Äď and all this for free.

  • Recommendations and information

    Our Service Team will be happy to support you in defining your ad targets and identifying chances. And it goes without saying that any special requirements will always be taken into consideration for your company.

  • We are there for you

    As it is important to us that you achieve your HR marketing targets with CareerGuide24, we will advise and assist you any time, free of charge.

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    We are happy to help you. Simply give us a call:

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